Building Your First Web Page by Shay Howe

This tutorial can be found at http://learn.shayhowe.com/html-css/building-your-first-web-page/. This is a great resource for a lot of my students. I particularly like that the author uses CodePen. This is a great feature that lets you open, edit, and run the code as you learn about it. The lesson "Building Your First Page" gives a brief overview of HTML and the structure of pages. I am going to assume you already know about that, but it is a good refresher. The second part of this reading explains many of the key terms that I will be using throughout this course.

You might find it easier to read through this after going through the lectures. Or better yet, read this first, watch the lectures, and then review the material again, but this time play with the code to see if you can change the pages.