Digitization for Everybody (Dig4E) - Video

What is Videotape?
Quiz: HTML/Web Basics  
Video Standards Overview
Quiz: Tags  
Video Ethics
Quiz: Hosting and Validation  
Quiz: Final Project  
Analog Video Formats
Quiz: Styling Syntax and Theory  
Peer-graded Assignment: Your First Styled Site  
Video Risk Assessment
Quiz: Review (OPTIONAL)  
Quiz: Advanced Selectors  
Digitizing Video Essences
Quiz: Final Quiz  
Contracting for Video Digitization
Peer-graded Assignment  
Video Facility Infrastructure
Quiz: Week 1  
Time Codes & Captioning
Peer-graded Assignment  
Quiz: Week 2  
Preservation Wrappers & Encoding
Quiz: JavaScript Review  
Digital Distribution Formats for Video
Peer-graded Assignment  
Quality Control Workflow
Quiz: Basic Concepts in Responsive Design Approaches  
Metadata About Video Files
Peer-graded Assignment  
Quiz: Media Queries and Breakpoints  
Future of Video Digitization
Peer-graded Assignment  
Quiz: Bootstrap